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  1. Using Environment variables in Shopify themes

    During the Shopify theme development process it may be appropriate to have features change slightly depending on whether they’re being used by a customer, a developer or a test suite. For example, if we have an integration in our store, we might want to send API requests to a testing endpoint whilst developing, or running tests on a staging theme, before connecting to a live endpoint when we publish the changes. We can’t trust that we’ll always remember to change this endpoint back to live before deploying to a live theme, so we can avoid the risk by using an environment dependent setting to control this.

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  2. Contextual CSS and the problems therein

    It's often tempting to keep our HTML components clean by keeping class names simple. In my experience nesting CSS selectors to accomodate simpler class names can be quite problematic though. I've written this post to outline some of the issues I've found that seem to be ignored elsewhere.

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  3. Investigating Shopify’s new Slate Schema Plugin

    I’ve been keeping a close eye on the development of Slate over the past few months, and a recently approved pull request caught my attention. The new Slate Sections Plugin improves section management by separating schema and translations from the liquid templates.

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  4. Creating a Twitter module for your Nuxt app

    Ever wanted to integrate a Twitter feed into your static website? In this tutorial we'll integrate one into a Nuxt site deployed on Netlify and we'll learn how to make Twitter trigger redeployments for our website.

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  • @Xhenxhefil People who defend the show after what they've done to Jaime don't deserve the right to vote

  • What started out as a quick fact check turned into a 1.5 hour investigation into liquid variable scoping. Where has my night gone?

  • @Xhenxhefil the best thing is you know they're going to "like" every single one they listen to, then never listen to it again